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Equanimity offers a wide variety of consulting services to both individuals and corporates.

Take a look at the information below to find out more about our consulting services.

Accelerated Skills Transfer

Most organisations are facing skills shortages.  While the reasons for these skills shortages vary, the bottom line is that they need to be effectively addressed.  In this light, many organisations have implemented Knowledge Management initiatives with varying degrees of success.

A critical part of ensuring that organisational knowledge is maintained and increased is to ensure that effective skills transfer strategies are in place.  The luxury of waiting for incremental learning is also a thing of the past.  The skills pool must be broadened – and fast!

Accelerated Skills Transfer must be tailored to the organisation in which it takes place – leveraging existing structures and processes.  The process will include:

  • Creating and understanding of the difference between data, information and knowledge (how do you know when you know)
  • Identifying different skill levels and creating stategies for increasing these
  • Deciding in which areas skills transfer is critical
  • Capturing expertise from the experts – for immediate or future transfer to others
  • Assisting individuals within the organisation to sustain the skills transfer process
  • Assisting with the development of processes and procedures for skills transfer

Equanimity has a track record of successful Accelerated Skills Transfer interventions.

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Duplicating Excellent Systems

In every organisation there are pockets of brilliance – so what’s the difference that makes the difference? An ideal in business is to fast-track performance excellence throughout an organisation.

What systems can be duplicated?

  • Expert systems
  • Optimum Environments

Initially, it is essential to find the ‘key piece’ that creates excellence in the given system. It tracks the meaning-making process following events, frames of mind that lead to excellent performance and the value systems that maintain such excellence. Optimum structures and systems can also be modelled using a similar process.

Once this has been done, the following stage can begin. This is the installation phase, where the process is made available to other individuals or departments who desire that particular excellence.

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Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be localised (between two individuals) or an epidemic (where it draws in many individuals within a group).

Localised conflict:

This type of conflict can generally be dealt with quite easily by line management.  There are, however, some instances where it is preferable to have an external party address the issues.  Equanimity has specific interventions for one-on-one conflict resolution that provide individuals with the resources to handle themselves and their interactions with others better.

Epidemic conflict:

The focus of conflict resolution within a group is to achieve positive relationships within the group, and in order to achieve this, the following issues must be resolved:

  • Defensiveness
  • Negative judgement and resultant badmouthing
  • Increased stress
  • Lack of ability to value the diversity in the team
  • Playing politics
  • Seeking negative ‘ammunition’ to support individual views
  • Inability to communicate assertively ‘on the level’

All of the above issues stem from a breakdown of trust within the group and an intervention will be tailor-made to ensure that a foundation for trust is re-established.  Individuals attending the workshop will also be exposed to tools that will increase their capabilities in respect of communicating assertively with one another, while valuing the differences that exist within the group.

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A recent study into innovation in organisations has shown that the most innovative companies have not achieved their position on their products and services alone.  It is a combination of product, service, and the bulk of their innovation coming from operational efficiency and improved processes and the people within the organisation.

The big question is: does your creative innovation get you (the company), your staff and your customer all on the same page.  In other words, does your creative innovation get all of the following into alignment?

  • Your people (staff)
  • Your customers
  • Your products
  • Your processes
  • Your procedures
  • Your pricing structure
  • Your positioning (in the market)

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