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Conflict Resolution

Conflict can be localised (between two individuals) or an epidemic (where it draws in many individuals within a group).

Localised conflict:

This type of conflict can generally be dealt with quite easily by line management.  There are, however , some instances where it is preferable to have an ‘outsider’ address the issues.  Equanimity has specific interventions for one-on-one conflict resolution that provide individuals with the resources to handle themselves and their interactions with others better.

Epidemic conflict:

The focus of conflict resolution within a group is to achieve positive relationships within the group, and in order to achieve this, the following issues must be resolved:

  • Defensiveness
  • Negative judgement and resultant badmouthing
  • Increased stress
  • Lack of ability to value the diversity in the team
  • Playing politics
  • Seeking negative ‘ammunition’ to support individual views
  • Inability to communicate assertively ‘on the level’

All of the above issues stem from a breakdown of trust within the group and an intervention will be tailor-made to ensure that a foundation for trust is re-established.  Individuals attending the workshop will also be exposed to tools that will increase their capabilities in respect of communicating assertively with one another, while valuing the differences that exist within the group.